Tuning the Zebramobile at motolab

Originally from Canada the Zebramobile benefits from an adjustable carburettor needle. In our search for another such needle for the Wolfmobile, we were referred to Derek from motolab in Redwood City, CA. A phone call and a blip of the throttle later, we found more expertise and advice than we could have hoped for. Derek has a wealth of knowledge on motorcycle tuning in general and on the BST40. Enthused by our Adventure, Derek offered to tune our bikes on his dyno.
No less than 8 hours, 12 carburettor disassemblies and 8 dyno run later, the Zebramobile runs like a charm, cooler and faster than ever.
We hope that the following video will give you some insights into the process, if you are curious for more details, feel free to reach Derek.

Here are the final settings for the Zebramobile:

  • Carburettor: BST40 CV
  • Airbox: opened following Kientech schematic. TwinAir filter with sock
  • Exhaust: FMF Quadcore, baffle removed
  • Main jet: 155
  • Idle jet: 42.5
  • Needle jet: 782M Y-5 (stock)
  • Needle: 6F19
  • Needle position: 4
  • Mixture screw: 1 1/4 turns
  • Spark plug: Denso iridium IU31A
  • Slide: two lift holes
  • Float height: 14.7mm

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