Trip prep

The Wolf actively helping prepare for our departure.

The Wolf actively helping prepare for our departure.

Forewarned is Forearmed

We would have loved to wake up one morning, glance at our Californian sky through the window of our apartment, look at each other and come to the tacit conclusion that today would be the perfect day to hop on our bikes and head South to Mexico and beyond.

The Wolf would have certainly liked that but it was all too obvious to me that it was a sure recipe for a lot of trouble and gallons of my tears. Luckily the Wolf’s old age has injected a bit of reason in his impulsive brain, making it just short of an Olympian effort to convince him that some planning and preparation was necessary.

To keep us organised we created was we fondly called, the “Master Uber Adventure Travel Plan”, a 15 tabs and close to 500 lines Google spreadsheet. It included sections such as Bike prep, Product reviews, Schedule, Central America, Sponsoring, First aid and a few more.
We thought some of that content could be of use to our fellow travellers, but would also give a sense to a broader audience of how we got ready for the “grand depart”.
Check out the following:

  • The Medical kit we packed in our luggage
  • A pretty exhaustive list of Spare Parts to keep our bikes happy and purring
  • An account of all the Wrenching we have done to get our DRs ready for the journey
  • The wrenches and pliers we are bringing in our Toolkit
  • An overview of our Riding Gear