Fearing that we would end up loaded like donkeys we tried to stay minimalistic when assembling our toolkit. We focused on 2 areas:

  • General mechanic
  • Tire repair

And happily ignored electrics save for bringing some spare fuses and putting full faith in our custom wiring harnesses

Wolf & Zebra Toolbox

ToolsGeardrive, Ultra lite metric socket set$78.95Website
ToolsMotion pro, Beadpro bead breaker and tire iron08-0519$74.99Website
ToolsValve adjuster wrench$10.95
ToolsKnipex 7 1/4 Cobra pliers8701180-7$29.99Website
ToolsLeatherman Surge830160$79.99Website
ToolsEndurostar prop standTS2$32.00Website
ToolsTopeak Turbo morp pumpWebsite
ToolsStuby rachet 1/4 - 3/8
ToolsBikemaster mini tire repair kitYP-3009TR$7.07Website
ToolsErgodyne tool roll5870$17.86Website
Website Product page: Whenever possible we have included a direct link to the product page. You’ll notice that in a few instances the link points to an affiliated Amazon page that helps us finance our adventure.

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