The Last Stretch

San Francisco, USA
Feb 25, 2014

Packing two lives, 4 motorcycles and 5 bicycles into a 3 x 3m storage unit might sound trivial until one attempts the feat. The Zebra and I have spent our past week sorting clothes, spare motorcycles parts, miscellaneous kitchen equipment and important paperwork in a attempt to keep only the strict minimum. This is all wonderful in theory until one is faced with parting with that sweater your grandma offered you for your 30th birthday, or discarding that hard to find stock carburetor for an old Yamaha XT 500. One difficult decision at a time, one trip to the storage after an other, we successfully emptied our apartment and turned it into a campground.
The news of our imminent departure reached long lost friends who all felt the urge to bid us farewell in this last week giving us wonderful excuses to get distracted from our packing frenzy. Parting with old carburetors and dear friends took longer that foreseen resulting in long days and a slightly delayed departure.
Last Thursday stood out as the acme of our move with The Zebra emptying our closets until 3am and myself trying desperately to complete the rebuild of my 250 RGV engine. With such a short night our move scheduled for the following day promised to be painful. We are grateful to Pierre, Bruno and his rolling dolly for coming to our rescue!

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