Finding the Wolfmobile

San Francisco, USA

After our trek to Fernley, the Zebra and I were both determined to not drive across states to find our second DR. Luck knocked at our door in the form of Craigslist ad for a DR conveniently located in the San Francisco Mission district. A few phones calls later, we were introduced to a shiny 1998 DR in a dark alley. The odometer clocked less than 5.000miles suggesting either a screaming deal or a terrible scam. “Salvaged” printed in the upper right corner of the title swayed us toward the worse option and prompted for a detailed inspection that yielded the following:

  • important oil leak at the cylinder base gasket
  • several seized up links on the chain
  • carburetor bowl leaking fuel
  • bone stock with no sign of fall

We rationalized that since the Zebramobile did not need any work, we could spend some time wrenching on this bike provided that we could get it at a good price. This would help the Zebra and I get to know DRs insides better and perform a few upgrades. A test run around town and on the freeway confirmed the absence of serious flaws, no worrisome noises from the engine, a smooth acceleration from low to hight rpm, chassis feeling straight.

In light of the work required on the bike, the seller agreed to drop a few hundred dollars off his asking price. We had found the Wolfmobile!


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