Wolf & Zebra – San Francisco Motorcycle Bay Tour

250 Miles to see the Bay Area

We have had a few friends visiting us in San Francisco lately, a few toyed with the idea of renting motorcycles to re-enact Easy Rider and cruise through the many fabulous roads and landmarks the Bay has to offer. But where to start? How to make the most of your stay?
To make things easier we put together the following map. It is what we think is the coolest tour of the Bay you can do in one day on a motorcycle.

We have included the Bay’s areas most iconic spots but also some less known spots and burger joints.

  • Alice’s Restaurant
    A tiny cabin nested among massive Redwood trees on Hwy 35, Alice’s has been around since the 1960’s and remain a favorite hangout to the riders cruising along Skyline boulevard. Stop by, enjoy a pint and mingle with the locals while comparing chicken strips and scuffs on knee pads
  • Twin Peaks
    Have you noticed the giant 3 prong fork that crowns the San Francisco? That’s Sutro tower, right next to it is Twin Peaks, arguably the best spot to marvel at the City and catch in one panoramic view both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge.
  • Licks observatory
    Never mind the observatory, it is really all about enjoying what might be the twistiest road of the Bay Area, Hwy 130 climbing Mt Hamilton. 30 Kms of pure pleasure despite the decaying pavement.
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Maverick’s beach
    Maverick is probably the biggest wave of Northern California, cresting at over 8m when the swell is right, it attracts the best big wave riders of the world for an annual contest. The wave breaks some 400m from Pillar Point beach making it hard to see it from the shore. Make sure to check the nearby harbor and try the delicious fish and chips at Barbara’s Fishtrap.
  • Niles canyon
    Another road that has achieve quasi legendary status with the local riders. The road follows the curves of the Alameda creek as it carves its way between the hills East of Fremont.
  • Grizzly Peak
    Almost everyday, rain or shine, the crew of the East Bay Rats M.C. meets at the Wall on Grizzly Peak to enjoy a few beers and stunning views of the Sun diving in the Pacific Ocean right between the two towers of the Golden Gate. Stay away from the Rats but don’t miss the views (just kidding).
  • Treasure island
    Originally built from random rubble for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, Treasure Island became a navy base a few years later. Contaminated by ships having participated in US Nuclear tests on the Bikini Islands, construction remained restricted for many years. The appeal of such prime real estate eventually convinced the Navy to clean up the soil and sell the land to the city in San Francisco. Over 8000 residences are scheduled to be built by 2020, in the meanwhile stop by and admire the San Francisco skyline from a unique perspective.

Enjoy and give us your feedback.

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