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Travelling is also about making new friends. Here are links to the websites and blogs of other riders we met on our way.


Manon and Sylvain is a French couple we met on the banks of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. After living for 2 years in Colombia, they both hoped on a Honda 250 XR Tornado heading for Mexico.
We met Tom when crossing from Panama into Colombia on the Stahlratte. After over 15 years working as a Wildland firefighter in the Colorado mountain, Tom decided to take a year break and explore Central and South America on a DR 650
At 1.93m and 110kgs Shaun's nickname could not be better deserved! Yetit left his cave and Seattle on a 1200 GS. We met in Hostal Sans Souci(s) in Minca, Colombia, later bumped into each other in Salento and shared a couple of fun rides.
Karin & Markus are a friendly couple from Switzerland. We heard about them through Belgian friends we randomly bumped into in Guatemala and proceeded to contact them. Thanks to them we were able to get onboard the Stahlratte
The story of Brian and Michelle is one of a wonderful Overland lovestory. Brian was going around the world on his 660 XTZ Tenere and was looking for a roof on He found the Sturgis Chick who decided to follow him on her KLR
We bumped into Dan, Sean and Rick at the Hacienda La Serana in Salento, Colombia. The 3 of them shared the same illusions on the off-road worthiness of KLRs, but we won't hold that against them 🙂
We shared more than a few adventures with our good friend "Marcos el Narco" a.k.a Don Ramon. Native from San Jose, CA, he was supposed to head back home once in Panama. He is now in Colombia, how far will he go?
Alex and his 125cc Vespa have decided to open new branches of the Deutsche Post in South America. We smoked him, I mean met, on the way down to Ica while he was breaking his freshly rebored engine.
Unsurprisingly Peter British's phlegm lead him to the conclusion that a proper blog or web page was just too much hassle. For what it is worth, here is a link to his facebook page.
Matthey and Megan come from The Zebra's homeland, South Africa. We initially heard about them through Mychnus, our buddy at ATG, and finally met them in El Calafate.

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